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Addressing Health Disparities in Cities: Lessons from the Field

January 14, 2016  |  National League of Cities
Many city leaders are concerned about health disparities in their communities. They are eager to understand not only the underlying causes, but also how to lead and drive change to reduce these disparities.
In fall 2014, the National League of Cities established the Learning Collaborative on Health Disparities to better understand how cities can address the social determinants of health and reduce critical health disparities.

This report, Addressing Health Disparities in Cities: Lessons Learned from the Field, offers recommendations for local leaders from the seven cities* participating in the Learning Collaborative.
* Savannah is one of the cities that particpated in NLC's Learning Collaborative on Health Disparities. The following City Spotlight on Savannah is from the report:
In 2014, Healthy Savannah—founded by former Mayor Otis Johnson—partnered with the city of Savannah to select 10 public schools to host community listening sessions to identify barriers to active living. Rather than host a traditional town hall or public forum, the listening sessions were designed to facilitate active engagement and empower residents in low-income communities to voice their opinions. Healthy Savannah created GIS maps and gave all attendees the opportunity to identify on the map the barriers to physical activity in their neighborhoods. Children who attended the sessions worked with a local artist to draw their vision of a healthy community. Healthy Savannah compiled resident feedback and is working diligently with its partners to share this information with key city decision-makers in order to influence the implementation of a complete streets ordinance.
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