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911 Surcharge Compliance Review Service

February 14, 2018
In 2017, GMA launched a new service designed to evaluate whether telephone providers are properly collecting and remitting the 911 surcharge as required by O.C.G.A. § 46-5-134 to jurisdictions that operate 911 systems. The pilot program included five counties in Southeast Georgia: Bulloch, Candler, Evans, Jenkins, and Screven.

GMA audits of surcharge remittances by telephone companies in these counties confirmed that in these jurisdictions, carriers were not properly remitting the surcharge, and GMA was able to negotiate with the carriers to increase 911 surcharge revenues going forward.

Based on the success of the pilot program, GMA is now offering the 911 Surcharge Compliance Review Service to all cities and counties that operate 911 call centers.

GMA is currently assisting Hall County and the City of Alpharetta with a 911 Surcharge Compliance Review.

Examples of the work performed to date include:
  • Screven County 911 Center – A primary wireless carrier was not remitting – 911 surcharge revenue increased revenue by 32%
  • Jenkins County 911 Center - A secondary wireless carrier was not remitting – 911 surcharge revenue increased by 15%
  • Bulloch County (includes Candler and Evans Counties) – A cable company was not remitting for VoIP – 911 surcharge revenue increased by 4%
  • The City of Alpharetta gained an additional $209,000 from one telephone provider due to the company remitting to the wrong 911 authority.
GMA works with Local Government Services to provide the 911 review program, the same group of technical experts who administer the GMA Telecommunications and Right of Way Management program.

To learn more about the 911 Surcharge Compliance Review Service, contact Alan Dickerson of the GMA staff at 678-686-6213, or contact Tim McGraw with Local Government Services at 817-980-4516. Mr. McGraw performed the financial analysis and administrative work for the above referenced cases.
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