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2015 Spring GMA Local Government Practicum Projects

September 10, 2015
In May of 2015, six students, three each from Georgia State University and the University of Georgia, presented the results of their work as part of GMA's Local Government Practicum. A brief overview of each project and links to Powerpoint presentations and/or a final report are listed below.

Since beginning the program at UGA in 2007, a total of 110 graduate students have provided research assistance to 68 cities in all corners of the state through the GMA Local Government Practicum. GMA now works in partnership with UGA, Georgia Southern University, Georgia State University, and beginning in 2016, Valdosta State University. Through these partnerships, GMA continues its mission to work through the Practicum to provide high quality research assistance to cities and to offer students the chance to build relationships and with city officials prior to embarking on a career in local government management.

Jerry Allen
Student: Jerry Allen, Graduate student, Political Science
School: Georgia State University
Project: Survey of Public Satisfaction of the Police Department
PowerPoint Presentation 

Student: Michael Pizarek, Master of Public Administration (2015 graduate)
School: University of Georgia
Project: Assessing Business-Industry Activity and Commercial/Residential Construction Investment
PowerPoint Presentation 

Diana White
Student: Diana White, Ph.D. student in Political Science
School: Georgia State University
Project: Recommendations for Feasibility of Farmers Market
PowerPoint Presentation 

Andrew Watts
Student: Andrew Watts, Masters in Public Administration candidate
School: University of Georgia
Project: Roswell Fire Department Response Times and Recommendations
PowerPoint Presentation 

Michael SheaPine Lake
Student: Michael Shea, Graduate student, Political Science
School: Georgia State University
Project: Annexation Study
PowerPoint Presentation 
Alyssa Sorenson
Sugar Hill
Student: Alyssa Sorenson, Master of Public Administration candidate
School: University of Georgia
Project: Are the Sugar Hill Planning Department’s fees appropriate for the city conditions given its current legal, policy, and budget situation
PowerPoint Presentation 
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