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April 19, 2017   |  By Gale Horton Gay
There’s nothing small about the issues small towns face in enhancing their downtowns. Whether the commu­nities are in rural, urban or suburban locations, many share similar challenges in keeping their downtowns relevant. Some areas struggle with revitalization, while others seek ways to continually make their downtowns attractive for businesses and consumers at a time of evolving shopping trends.


April 5, 2017
The city of Auburn has adopted the "micro-retailing" trend with its new Whistlestop Shops. These shops, which are locat­ed next to Auburn City Hall, displays city officials’ and staffs’ intentions of encouraging their residents.


March 23, 2017   |  Georgia Environmental Finance Authority & UNC Environmental Finance Center
This report details the results of a statewide survey of stormwater fees and fee structures conducted by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority and the Environmental Finance Center in 2016.


March 16, 2017   |  Chrissy Marlowe, Carl Vinson Institute of Government
Chrissy Marlowe with UGA's Carl Vinson Institute of Government shares more on the growth in Georgia's cities, explains the term "quality growth" and provides tools to help cities manage growth. 


March 7, 2017   |  Gale Gay
An explosion in population and business development is underway in many Georgia cities, a phenomena that brings opportunities but also challenges. City officials report that growth spikes require juggling immediate needs along with planning for the future.


March 3, 2017   |  Mathew Hauer, CVIOG
In 2009, 14 Georgia counties ranked in the top 100 fastest growing counties in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2015, that list had dwindled to include just eight Georgia counties.


March 1, 2017   |  Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society
Cities today collect and store a wide range of data that may contain sensitive or identifiable information about residents. As cities embrace open data initiatives, more of this information is available to the public. While releasing data has many important benefits, sharing data comes with inherent risks to individual privacy: released data can reveal information about individuals that would otherwise not be public knowledge.


February 28, 2017   |  Elaine S. Povich for The Pew Charitable Trusts
In 2016, there were $423.8 billion in new municipal bond sales, which include bonds issued by state authorities, water and sewer districts, local authorities, municipalities, counties, and colleges and universities.


February 24, 2017   |  Billy Parish
A little over a year ago Q Trinh had an idea. What if she created a space where street food could thrive, just without the street, and the inclement weather, and the health code violations?


February 22, 2017   |  Virtual Citadel
In this webinar, Virtual Citadel explains what fiber is, where to find it, and what it can do for cities. 


February 16, 2017
Many cities have worked with telecommunications companies seeking to place equipment on water tank towers and cell towers on public rights of way. As these companies increasingly compete for better wireless coverage, they have begun to rely more on specialty companies that approach cities about placing “small cells” in the public right of way.


February 14, 2017   |  Phil Friduss
This is the story of what happens when people enter homes that are not theirs, without per­mission. For Sale signs out front of empty(ish) homes notwithstanding.


February 10, 2017
In Pine Lake, even 7-year-olds have a say in how city government works.


February 10, 2017   |  Pamela A. Keene
On a trip through Smyrna, one might find a jovial group of residents riding identical bicycles and enjoying the city’s new bike share program. Programs similar to Smyrna’s, which use Zagster bikes and other bike-share services, have been popping up across the state.


February 10, 2017
Residents in West Georgia are now able to “shop, save and support,” in area-downtowns much easier thanks to the West Georgia Regional Membership Program.


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