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September 16, 2016
From August 11-12, GMA in partnership with ACCG held its 2nd Annual Govern­ment Communicators Conference at the Jekyll Island Convention Center.


September 16, 2016
In August, Gov. Nathan Deal announced that Georgia-produced feature film and television productions generated an economic impact of more than $7 billion during fiscal year 2016. The 245 feature film and television produc­tions shot in Georgia represent $2.02 billion in direct spending in the state.


September 16, 2016
Georgia's cities are home to several unique museums ranging from the Georgia Rural Telephone Museum in Leslie to the Lunch Box Museum in Columbus.


September 12, 2016   |  Mike Worley
Hunters and anglers in Georgia spend a lot of money every year in supplies and equip­ment to hone their craft and bring home a worthy catch, and their impact sometimes goes unnoticed in public discourse. However, the effect on Georgia’s economy and communities is substantial.


September 9, 2016   |  Elisha Harig-Blaine, Principal Associate for Housing - National League of Cities
Cities are now five years into a demographic change that will impact nearly every family in America from now until well beyond 2030. In the face of this change, how can city leaders meet the challenge of connecting available resources to the elderly?


September 7, 2016
While it’s normal for high school students to get jobs working in fast food or in retail stores to earn extra money while in school, very few high schoolers have jobs that could lead to stable, long-lasting careers in public service.


September 7, 2016   |  Pamela A. Keene
Many know the names: James Brown, Ray Charles, The Allman Brothers, Otis Redding and Little Richard. These big-time musicians—and several hundred others—have called Georgia home. Cities across the state celebrate 2016 as “The Year of Georgia Music,” declared by Gov. Nathan Deal and the Georgia Department of Economic Development.


August 29, 2016   |  Mayor Charles Ivie
Many historical towns/villages are identified by statues of famous people telling a compelling story of place and culture. Watkinsville does not have such a monument, though its history extends to the beginning of the 19th century. What it does have is art, and a thriving community pride in its growing reputation as the Artland of Georgia. 


August 29, 2016   |  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This manual from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains the importance of understanding and measuring the built environment and provides a tool for doing so.


August 26, 2016   |  Mark Treskon and Sara McTarnaghan, Urban Institute
Preserving existing affordable housing generally costs less than new construction, prevents displacement, and takes advantage of existing land-use patterns. However, it presents its own set of challenges: developers need to weave together federal, state, and local funding sources; employ state and municipal policy tools; and seek collaborative relationships with stakeholders.


August 25, 2016   |  Pamela A. Keene
The budgeting process can be challenging, especially when a municipality has spent its reserves during the Great Recession and has lost revenue from a major employer. But, the city of Hapeville—just south of Atlanta—has found the key for developing and implementing its annual budget as a living, breathing plan that’s responsive to citizen- and staff-based input. 


August 25, 2016   |  Nancy Harris, Mayor of the City of Duluth
Oftentimes municipalities struggle to identify their own uniqueness and settle on the generic amenities and attributes that can be found in the conventional “cool” cities. As Harvard business professor Michael Porter puts it, “Competitive strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique matrix of value.” 


August 25, 2016   |  Phil Friduss
Use of force by police, specifically, use of force against minorities, dominated the public’s view of law enforcement the past two years until the recent Dallas and Baton Rouge massacres. Through HB 941 the General Assembly took aim at the criminal side of police force.


August 25, 2016
Effective July 1 HB 976 impacts how cities must retain video recordings. Specifically, Section 2(b) of the law states that: video recordings from law enforcement body-worn devices or devices located on or inside of law enforcement vehicles shall be retained for 180 days from the date of such recording. 


August 23, 2016
According to Robert S. Stering's 2004 Police Officer's Handbook, a roll call is a briefing "where supervisors take attendance, inspect uniform and equipment, inform the oncoming shift of any outstanding incidents that may have occurred, inform officers of suspects to be looking out for, relate any law or procedural changes, and so on." While roll calls are a very common occurance in police departments around the state, the city of Fort Valley is taking the roll call to the community.


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