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May 10, 2016
The city of Watkinsville, known as the “Artland of Georgia,” recently installed several sculptures in its downtown. The sculptures and a series of art pan­els represent two pop-up exhibitions designed to enhance public spaces in the city and encourage conversations on the importance of art in this com­munity of 2,800.


May 10, 2016   |  Gale Gay
Learning how to bank on natural resources, special events, history, landmarks and new development is key to cities attracting visitors, businesses and even new residents to their communities. 


April 13, 2016
Spring has arrived in Georgia, bringing with it one of its sure sign – mosqui­toes. The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and GMA are encouraging cities to take action to reduce the state’s mosquito population.


April 11, 2016
In the summer of 2015, the city of Chamblee was invited to participate in the Georgia Downtown Renaissance Partnership, a partnership of GMA, the Georgia Cities Foundation and the Uni­versity of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the College of Envi­ronment and Design. City staff and the Chamblee Downtown Development Au­thority (DDA) worked with senior UGA landscape architecture student Juan da Silva to create design options for Cham­blee’s historic commercial business dis­trict Peachtree Road.


April 11, 2016
Villa Rica residents and visitors to the city’s downtown will soon be introduced to Reverse Angle Parking (RAP). According to the city’s website, RAP is a safer type of angle parking. 


April 11, 2016
The 35 years that preceded the incor­poration of Sandy Springs in 2005 saw the area transform from a predominately rural area to the second most populated community in Metro Atlanta.


April 11, 2016
Every Georgia downtown has a building or set of buildings that the community deems cannot be lost under any circum­stance. These legacy buildings have sur­vived time and fate to become etched in the collective memories of each citizen and visitor as “sacred” ground.


April 11, 2016
Ball Ground city officials recently adopted a new slo­gan: “We Roll Out the Red Carpet—Not the Red Tape,” which symbolizes their philosophy on dealing with the Ball Ground business community and the way they took action to restore a declining downtown.


April 11, 2016
Natural disasters are a com­mon occurrence throughout the state. Tornadoes, hurri­canes, severe storms, floods and wildfires wreak havoc on communities. Some cities are learning that preparation is key to dealing with the forces of nature. This prepara­tion combined with resolve, strong leadership and a uni­fied community are credited with helping communities bounce back from devasta­tion.


April 8, 2016
Formed out of a collaborative meet-and-greet of may­ors during GMA’s 2013 annual Mayor’s Day Confer­ence, the GMA Hub Cities Initiative is described by GMA Executive Director Lamar Norton as an effort used to “harness and leverage the state’s full econom­ic potential.”


March 14, 2016   |  U.S. Department of Justice
The U.S. Department of Justice recently announced the release of a series of guidebooks by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services that promote building trust between police agencies and the communities they serve. The new COPS Office publications highlight the importance of building trust.


March 9, 2016
​The city of Cedartown is making notable advancements in its effort to clean up neighborhoods marred by blight, property that is structurally unsafe or displays unsanitary conditions. The city demolished two structures at the end of 2015 and is starting 2016 off with affordable housing projects.


March 9, 2016
​The Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH) program recently recognized eight cities with awards for their efforts to increase affordable housing and to revitalize their communities. Located on opposite corners of the west side of the state, the cities of Thomasville and Rome were two of the honorees. But their awards were just a glimpse into what it truly takes to be a successful GICH community.


March 9, 2016
During the week of June 26, youth will gather for Valdosta’s 10th annual Southern Hospitality Work Camp. This camp is a part of Group Mission Trips, a Loveland, Colorado-based organization. The campers will perform minor repairs including painting, skirting, and constructing handrails, porches and decks for approximately 20 elderly or disabled homeowners within Valdosta’s Designated Revitalization Area (DRA) at no cost to homeowners.


February 9, 2016
​As more and more police departments turn to technology—particularly cameras—to document encounters with the public, more questions than answers are arising in how to set policy around the new technology.


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