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Poll: Cagle leads GOP field in gov race, race for No. 2 wide open

10/20/2017 8:39:26 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kemp wants to bolster rural Georgia

As he cuts across the state as part of his campaign, Brian Kemp says he wants to “take a chain saw” to government regulations.
10/19/2017 11:17:08 AM
Thomasville Times-Enterprise

GOP guv candidate stops by SSI

State Sen. Michael Williams’ gubernatorial campaign at times takes on the political bomb-throwing nature of a man he seeks to emulate — President Donald Trump — but the Forsyth County Republican struck a low-key vibe speaking at the Glynn County Republican Party’s October “Make America Great Agai...
10/17/2017 8:41:55 AM
Brunswick News

Grady school leaders meet with governor hopeful

10/17/2017 8:13:27 AM
Thomasville Times-Enterprise

Why Cagle may have less reason to fear Trump-inspired pitchforks

10/12/2017 8:17:01 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What The First GOP Gubernatorial Debates Say About What's To Come

10/11/2017 9:37:02 AM
GPB News

Evans presses Abrams to disavow ‘whisper campaign’

10/11/2017 9:36:14 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Republican candidates for Georgia governor spar in Augusta forum

10/9/2017 8:19:40 PM
Augusta Chronicle

At GOP forums, governor hopefuls race to the right

10/9/2017 8:14:35 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Democratic Candidates For Ga. Governor Spar Over Education, Protests

10/6/2017 9:53:37 AM

Former Ranger, state senator, has new campaign - for governor

10/5/2017 8:21:35 PM
Thomasville Times-Enterprise

Daily Kos endorses Stacey Abrams in 2018 race for governor

The Daily Kos, the blog and internet forum that gives voice to the liberal side of the Democratic party, has endorsed former state lawmaker Stacey Abrams in her 2018 primary race aga...
10/5/2017 7:23:00 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Zell Miller becomes a debate point in 2018 race for governor

Days later, the Monday night “conversation” between Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans, the two Democratic candidates for governor, is still worth poking through. One undiscussed point: ...
10/4/2017 9:46:45 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hill rolls out ‘stand in the gap’ introductory video

10/4/2017 9:43:54 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Democratic forum previews a fight for 2018

10/3/2017 9:26:49 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Democratic hopefuls for Georgia governor seek new gun restrictions

10/3/2017 9:10:14 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle attends Sheriff's Salute event in Jones County

9/29/2017 6:59:24 AM
Jones County News

In San Francisco, Abrams stands up for NFL anthem protesters

Democrat Stacey Abrams’ campaign declined to comment earlier this week on the wave of NFL players across the nation who demonstrated during the national anthem. But during a fundrais...
9/28/2017 6:47:19 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia candidates on NFL anthem protests: An act of defiance or free speech

9/27/2017 12:11:53 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Abrams campaign blasts Kemp for ‘abusing his office’ with voting probe

9/26/2017 8:42:15 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Democratic auto executive gears up for Georgia’s No. 2 job

9/25/2017 8:36:12 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cagle forms Macon-Bibb leadership committee in gubernatorial bid

9/25/2017 8:07:30 AM
Macon Telegraph

Georgia ethics panel to begin auditing candidates in governor’s race

After years of mainly investigating issues raised by Georgians, the state’s ethics watchdog agency plans to aggressively audit campaign filings from all the major statewide races com...
9/22/2017 8:45:42 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Abrams pushes ‘advanced energy’ jobs plan in Georgia gov race

Democrat Stacey Abrams would seek to train more advanced energy workers, overhaul building codes and permitting standards to encourage more efficiency and create a Georgia “green ban...
9/20/2017 8:32:37 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Republican newcomer files paperwork to run for governor

9/15/2017 7:59:24 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cagle joins Ferguson in pushing broadband

9/8/2017 6:46:52 AM
Newnan Times-Herald

Georgia gov candidates split over Trump’s move to end DACA

9/6/2017 8:21:47 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stacey Evans steps down from House to concentrate on gov bid

9/5/2017 3:53:13 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

New relationship brewing between Georgia Republicans, alcohol

9/5/2017 1:07:00 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stacey Abrams promises 'unapologetically Democratic' campaign

9/2/2017 7:57:33 AM
Marietta Daily Journal

Candidates for governor make pitches at Barrow GOP BBQ

Four of the five Republican candidates to succeed Gov. Nathan Deal in next year’s election brought their campaign messages to Barrow County Saturday evening, as each of them vowed to...
9/1/2017 9:10:12 AM
Barrow News Journal

GOP candidate to toast new booze laws at brewpubs

9/1/2017 9:09:07 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia candidates who hold office face tough decision: To stay or go?

9/1/2017 9:04:18 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hunter Hill resigns seat to focus on Governor race

9/1/2017 8:49:13 AM
Covington News

Kemp touts his political outsider, common sense approach

9/1/2017 8:35:37 AM
Dalton Daily Citizen

A divide over the two Staceys has Georgia Democrats worried

8/29/2017 8:28:17 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cagle holds meet and greet for governor’s race, wants to bring 500,000 jobs to state

8/28/2017 10:45:27 AM
Dalton Daily Citizen

Stacey Abrams resigns from House to focus on gov run

8/28/2017 10:41:59 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Gubernatorial candidates, state party chairman address Whitfield Democrats

8/27/2017 10:43:22 AM
Dalton Daily Citizen

Casey Cagle on rural broadband — and a stalled adoption bill

8/26/2017 10:38:25 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Douglas congressman endorses Abrams in 2018 governor's race

8/25/2017 3:34:34 PM
Neighbor News

A Tale of Two Staceys: Race, Gender, And Georgia's Next Governor

8/25/2017 3:33:08 PM

Why candidates for governor are lavishing attention on rural Georgia

8/23/2017 8:24:11 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Civil rights icon backs Abrams in Georgia governor race

8/21/2017 12:59:47 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Broadband in rural Georgia poised to become a 2018 election issue

8/19/2017 8:51:27 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle speaks on the importance of public education

Roswell Rotary serves as a connection to many links in the chain of happenings within the city, contributing to a number of organizations and causes.
8/18/2017 8:53:11 AM
Marietta Daily Journal

Cagle visits Dalton, promises 500,000 new jobs if elected governor

8/18/2017 8:15:07 AM
Dalton Daily Citizen

A front-runner again, Cagle hits the campaign trail

8/18/2017 8:13:32 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Newt Gingrich endorses David Shafer in lieutenant governor’s race

8/17/2017 8:21:21 AM
Gwinnett Daily Post

Ga. Governor Candidates On Confederate Monuments, Stone Mountain

8/16/2017 8:03:58 AM

Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain

8/16/2017 8:03:03 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dunwoody resident running for governor

8/14/2017 1:37:53 PM
Neighbor News

Republican gov candidates stand in lockstep behind ‘religious liberty’ bill

8/12/2017 9:06:14 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cagle floats ‘minimum wage’ for police officers

8/11/2017 8:17:17 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In the midst of a race for governor, Stacey Abrams lands a book deal

8/10/2017 3:52:55 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A fifth Republican could enter Georgia governor race

8/10/2017 2:15:37 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cagle names Grady leadership campaign committee

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is gearing up for his run for Georgia governor's seat and is rounding up support in Grady County. Cagle, who is seeking to replace Gov. Nathan Deal in November 2...
8/10/2017 1:29:13 PM
Tifton Gazette

Jimmy Carter says ‘hopefully’ Abrams will be Georgia’s next governor

8/10/2017 1:12:30 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An Abrams ‘strike team’ revs up crowd at Netroots progressive bash

8/10/2017 9:03:52 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Trump advocate Sen. Williams visits Columbus in bid for Georgia governor

8/8/2017 9:02:09 AM
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Shafer snags a George Bush endorsement

8/7/2017 3:21:20 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Health policy splits Georgia gov candidates after repeal’s fail

8/5/2017 3:30:51 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hill cites education, transportation in governor’s race

8/5/2017 3:25:46 PM
Neighbor News

Abortion rights group picks a side in Georgia race for governor

8/4/2017 3:27:07 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Republican gubernatorial candidates take aim at Georgia’s income tax

8/1/2017 3:35:13 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Democratic race for governor that could feel like Beyonce vs. Taylor Swift

7/29/2017 3:33:53 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

David Ralston won’t join the race for governor — but he’ll try to define it

7/26/2017 3:52:12 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

John Lewis endorses Stacey Abrams’ bid for governor

7/24/2017 3:57:56 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kemp visits Augusta in advance of run for governor’s office

7/24/2017 3:56:36 PM
Augusta Chronicle

Ted Cruz endorses David Shafer in GOP race for lieutenant governor

7/24/2017 3:54:50 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Familiar foes clash over voting rights in Georgia governor race

7/19/2017 4:01:44 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Funds roll in for local candidates: Williams loans $1M to campaign

7/19/2017 3:59:34 PM

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Abrams visits Augusta

7/15/2017 4:15:33 PM
Augusta Chronicle

Georgia’s Capitol crowd opens its wallet for Cagle’s race for governor

7/15/2017 4:10:57 PM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

John Linder endorses David Shafer in GOP race for lieutenant governor

7/12/2017 8:16:17 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Michael Williams pumps $1M into his campaign for governor

7/11/2017 8:18:45 AM
Atlanta Business Chronicle

Cagle sets pace with $2.7M fundraising haul in gov race

7/10/2017 8:28:28 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Democrat Abrams nets $500K in governor bid

7/10/2017 8:27:03 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Shafer leads pack in money race for No. 2 job

7/10/2017 8:25:48 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The race for Georgia governor already tops $7.4M

7/10/2017 8:23:48 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Evans keeps pace with top rival in gov money race

7/10/2017 8:21:56 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cagle getting out front in governor’s race

7/5/2017 8:45:15 AM

Stump speeches and the shape of the GOP race for governor

7/5/2017 8:34:55 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kemp raises $1.7M in hunt for governor

7/5/2017 8:29:31 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cagle gets support from key Deal ally

Phil Wilheit Sr. is one of Gov. Nathan Deal’s most ardent supporters. And in the 2018 race to replace the term-limited governor, he’s turning to another Gainesville Republican.
7/3/2017 8:42:59 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia’s Democratic race for governor and the Sticky Fingers Theorem

7/1/2017 8:43:27 AM
Atlanta Journal-Constitution