Funding Needs

Cities are challenged to provide greater services with fewer dollars. While cities bear the brunt of meeting these needs, state and federal partners should also provide support.

Related Issues

Transportation Infrastructure
Transportation infrastructure creates the arteries in which we move people and goods throughout our state. This infrastructure in many cases is in a state of disrepair. Additional tools are needed to allow for more people and more goods to continue to travel on our roads, streets and bridges due to our state’s increasing population. Long-term, sustainable, and diverse funding streams are necessary to expand and improve the statewide multi-modal transportation network. Specifically, transportation revenues must address needs beyond roads and bridges, including sidewalks, bicycle paths, transit, light rail, and commuter passenger rail.  Public transit is often mentioned as a mobility tool to further economic-development vitality and a way to improve the quality of life; however, long-term funding remains a concern.