Authority to Lead

Home Rule – the ability of cities to make local decisions about local issues – must be preserved and defended against whose who would insist on “one size fits all” government.

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Related Issues

Law Enforcement Salaries

Due to size, location and various socio-economic circumstances, city governments differ in staffing, capacity, and fiscal resources. A one-size-fits-all law enforcement compensation mandate would not be feasible or fair to taxpayers at the municipal level. Appropriate compensation levels for law enforcement are best discussed at the municipal level. Any state-level requirement that increases local salaries would need to take into account the responsibilities of local governments, and budget limitations and affordability to taxpayers in each of Georgia’s cities.

Management of Public Rights-of-Way
Cities’ rights-of-way are valuable public assets and they should receive fair compensation from private companies for the usage of the space. Cities currently have the authority to regulate and maintain their rights-of-way, but the demand for new technology and deployment of new infrastructure puts local authority of public spaces in jeopardy. In addition to the revenue cities receive from renting public spaces, they are also responsible for not compromising the aesthetic character of the community and protecting public safety in the rights-of-way. Historically, cities have always held authority over the rights-of-way, including through the build-out of electricity, telephone and cable services. The deployment of broadband and other wireless technologies should not come at the expense of the taxpayers or local authorities.