Geoff Duncan

Desired Office: Lt. Governor
Party Affiliation: Republican
Geoff Duncan on Rural Broadband
Jan 21, 2018
Geoff Duncan responds to a question on incentivizing the deployment of broadband in rural Georgia.
Mayors' Day 2018 - Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan
Jan 21, 2018
Remarks from Geoff Duncan at the Lieutenant Governor Candidate Forum at Mayors' Day 2018.

GMA's Question(s) to the Candidates

As Lieutenant Governor, how would you address various funding needs of municipal
governments across the state?

Duncan's Response

I don’t believe that local governments should rely on tax increases when private sector solutions can solve many of the issues that face our communities. Whether the solutions involve reducing government regulation or incentivizing the private sector, we can solve the issues of rural broadband, rural health care, and infrastructure funding without burdening Georgia’s families and business owners with additional taxes. As a state representative, I led to create the rural hospital tax credit program to encourage individuals and businesses to donate to their local hospitals in exchange for a credit on their state income taxes. The $60 million tax credit could expand with an escalator, so it grows each year to meet the growing needs of hospitals – often the largest employers in communities across our state. As Lt. Governor, I will remain committed to innovative, free enterprise solutions – like those that I have championed in the health care sector – to ensure that our government is utilizing every resource to the fullest extent.

GMA's Question(s) to the Candidates

As Lieutenant Governor, how would you work to ensure that cities are equipped with the necessary resources to continue being economic engines within the state?

Duncan's Response

As Lt. Governor, I am going to be committed to advancing common-sense, free-enterprise solutions that grow our state and local economies. This year, I championed Georgia’s Republicans to pass the largest income tax cut in Georgia history, but the $6 billion tax cut is only a first step. I have outlined a plan to work with a panel of top-notch business leaders and policy experts to develop a responsible strategy for cutting the state income tax by an additional two percentage points. Greater tax cuts will yield explosive business growth in each and every community across the state and create a booming economy that benefits everyday Georgians while increasing revenue streams for Georgia’s municipalities.

I will also continue to advance economic development initiatives to keep Georgia as the best state in the nation to do business. By building upon our advantageous business environment with additional policies that incentivize small business growth, we can grow every city in Georgia. For municipalities in rural Georgia, I will remain committed to solving the rural health care crisis and work hand-in-hand with local leaders on rural broadband issues so that all our communities are attractive locations for businesses to start and grow.

As Lt. Governor, I will partner with municipalities while advancing pro-business policies that will allow every community to grow and prosper.

GMA's Question(s) to the Candidates

As Lieutenant Governor, how would you work to preserve the home rule powers of municipalities?

Duncan's Response

Georgia’s local leaders know their citizens better than anyone. As Lt. Governor, I will respect home rule and work to return additional responsibilities to local leaders in every possible instance.

However, if municipalities advance policies that infringe on the Constitutional rights of Georgia’s citizens – I will stand strong to protect our citizen’s rights. As Lt. Governor, I will be a friend to Georgia’s cities and respect home rule as long as state law is not broken and Constitutional rights not infringed upon.

GMA's Question(s) to the Candidates

As Lieutenant Governor, what is your plan to facilitate intergovernmental partnerships and what is your vision for the role municipal governments can and should play in Georgia’s continued prosperity?

Duncan's Response

For Georgia’s communities to grow and prosper, state and local government must work
together to advance beneficial policies. As Lt. Governor, I will look to partner with local
governments on my “Four Cs” initiative – utilizing churches, charities, citizens and corporations to tackle challenges from homelessness to poverty and illiteracy. Our local leaders are dedicated individuals who have an intimate understanding of their community. Often, local governments serve as labs of innovation by creating unique policy proposals that work well and deserve to be replicated by state government. I look forward to the opportunity to work with city leaders in every corner of Georgia to make sure that we’re growing prosperity for Georgia’s citizens.

Looking forward, an issue that is going to require greater collaboration between state and local government is the opioid crisis. Today, nearly every Georgia family knows of a community member that has been impacted by the cruel disease of addiction. Building off the state’s current efforts to address this epidemic, I believe that we can partner with local governments to advance community-based solutions that will ultimately save lives and defeat the opioid epidemic.

As Lt. Governor, I will continue to support our local law enforcement officers, and I will stand against any municipality's efforts to circumvent the rule of law when it comes to illegal immigration or illegal drug use. I expect cities to continue enforcing state and federal laws while cooperating with federal authorities to keep Georgia’s families safe from harm.

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Duncan on the Record
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