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April 10, 2009
Together We Stand: How Collaboration Can Shape a Community
Kay B. Lee, Director, Center for Community Preservation and Planning
Kay Lee believes that collaboration between citizens and government officials will allow communities to grow without losing their soul.

Ray Christman

February 17, 2009
Housing and Cities: A Central Element to Urban Vitality
Ray Christman, Consultant & Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Ray Christman believes that the availability of good quality housing choices is central to the resurgence of cities and is crucial to the continued vitality of Georgia's cities and towns.

Joy Jinks

February 5, 2009
Art & Culture as Economic Development
Joy Jinks, Co-founder, Swamp Gravy
By celebrating the stories and creative spirit found within itself, Joy Jinks believes that tiny Colquitt, Georgia has become a beacon of art, culture and caring.

Mark McDonald

January 21, 2009
Cities: Home to Our Cultural Icons
Mark McDonald, President and CEO, The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
Mark McDonald believes that architectural icons, those special building and monuments in our communities, are important symbols to protect and that they represent the collective memory, ideals, values and complexity of our cities and culture.

Mark Burkhalter

January 7, 2009
A Catalyst for Progress
Rep. Mark Burkhalter, Speaker Pro-Tem, Georgia House of Representatives
Helping to create one of Georgia's newest cities has allowed Rep. Mark Burkhalter to more fully appreciate the role of cities, particularly their ability to serve as a catalyst for progress and change.

Mike Bodker

December 19, 2008
Controlling Our Destiny
Mike Bodker, Mayor, City of Johns Creek
Having the ability to control and define their own destiny, Mike Bodker says, has allowed the residents of Georgia's most recently created cities to fully and deeply appreciate the ideal of the "city upon a hill" as a beacon of light and hope.

Deke Copenhaver

December 5, 2008
Moving Beyond Partisan Politics
Deke Copenhaver, Mayor, City of Augusta
The need for city elected officials to rise above partisan politics to effectively address the needs of the people they serve is what makes cities unique and a model for state and federal officials, says Deke Copenhaver.

Catherine Ross

November 20, 2008
Building Blocks for a Global Economy
Catherine Ross, Director, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, Georgia Tech
Just as the neighborhood is a critical building block for a city, Catherine Ross believes that cities are the building blocks for megaregions and that they play a critical role in today's global economy.

Otis White

November 5, 2008
The New City Upon a Hill
Otis White, President, Civic Strategies, Inc.
An appreciation of the "urban experience" is helping cities come back to life, says Otis White. He believes city leaders should capitalize on this opportunity by insisting on good urban design, valuing diversity and creating a vision for the future.

Mike Garrett

October 21, 2008
A Transforming Relationship
Michael D. Garrett, President and CEO, Georgia Power
The strong bond between cities and Georgia Power helped transform it from a company that provided power for street lights and trolley cars into a business that revolutionized the day-to-day life of millions of people, says President and CEO Michael Garrett.

Carl Camon

October 6, 2008
Our Future Value Can be Found in Our Youth
Carl Camon, Mayor, City of Ray City
As one who has special insight into our youth, Carl Camon believes that the future value of cities rests in their hands and that the city leaders of today should make an investment to help guide and empower them for future service.

John Stumbo

September 18, 2008
Small Towns Offer Great Value
John Stumbo, Mayor, City of Fort Valley
John Stumbo believes that there is great value in the quality of life found in a small town and that they too can serve as a beacon of light for the rest of the world.

Stacey Abrams

September 4, 2008
Rising Together
Rep. Stacey Abrams, Member, Georgia House of Representatives
Stacey Abrams believes that cities are at their strongest when they seek to "highlight the power of joined forces" and that state elected officials should honor the singular roles of cities when evaluating new laws and regulations.

Cam Jordan

August 18, 2008
Where Politics are at their "Localest"
Cam Jordan, Community Development Director, City of Fitzgerald
Cities are many things to Cam Jordan. They allow us to cooperatively interact, develop our individual expertise, add a little spice to our lives and are where politics are at their localest.

Beth English

August 4, 2008
The Spirit of Possibility
Beth English, Council Member, City of Vienna
Beth English says that Vienna has been shaped by creativity and the "spirit of possibility" found in its citizens, both past and present.

Otis Johnson

July 22, 2008
Building on Our Legacies
Otis Johnson, Mayor, City of Savannah
Otis Johnson believes that four legacies instituted by the city's founder, General James Edward Oglethorpe, laid a foundation that has allowed Savannah to grow and prosper.

Bill Hudnut

July 8, 2008
The Heart of America
Bill Hudnut, Senior Resident Fellow, Urban Land Institute
Former congressman, Indianapolis mayor and National League of Cities President Bill Hudnut articulates that cities transmit human achievement and insight from generation to generation and are where "people fulfill their individual and collective potential."

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