Workers' Compensation

Attention Members of GMA’s Workers’ Comp Program 
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The GMA Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Fund (GMA WCSIF) is a group self-insured program authorized by state statute and administered by GMA. The fund was created in 1982 to provide workers' compensation statutory coverage to local government entities in Georgia as an alternative to the standard commercial insurance market. The fund is the largest source of workers' compensation coverage for municipal governments in Georgia.
The membership owns and controls the fund, resulting in $28 million in dividends (or renewal credits) returned to the fund members, significantly reducing the cost of coverage for the membership.
Eligible Members
Municipalities, municipal authorities and commissions, housing authorities, regional commissions and municipal school districts are eligible to participate in the fund.
Significant Features
  • Statutory coverage
  • Membership owns and controls the fund
  • Proactive safety and risk control service which includes loss control field service, individual member problem analysis, on-site and regional training, a video lending library and periodic safety and risk control publications and communication materials
  • Claims may be reported either on-line, via a toll-free telephone service or via fax
  • Safety and Liability Management Grant Fund
Claims Administration
Workers' compensation claims are administered in-house by GMA employees.

Contributions are based on individual loss experience and underwriting.