April, 2014

City Officials are Powerful Community Activists

Beth English, GMA President

April 4, 2014

Am I a community activist? You bet I am! Because if not you and me, then who?

March, 2014

Sense Your City’s Opportunities Through the Eyes of Its Youth

Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director

March 10, 2014

I was reminded recently how being around children gives us a fresh insight into the world. A dear friend told me about tucking in his young daughter one night. He told her it was time to go to sleep, and she replied, “Please, Daddy, turn the dark on for me!”

School Locations Impact Community Health

Katherine Moore, AICP, Georgia Conservancy Sustainable Growth Program Manager

March 10, 2014

A community’s health is not only measured in the bodily health of its residents, but also in its ability to both weather and adapt to change. The Georgia Conservancy’s Sustainable Growth program is helping communities consider both of these factors through the lens of school location.

February, 2014

City and State Officials are Bound by Common Goals

Beth English, GMA President

February 6, 2014

Another Mayors’ Day Conference has come and gone. As usual, all the sessions provided lots of valuable information and plenty for me to think about in my role as a city official. The biggest takeaway for me, however, wasn’t something that I heard during one of the sessions. It was something that I saw.

January, 2014

State of the State: With Deep Freeze Over, Georgia’s Economy Warms

Governor Nathan Deal

January 15, 2014

Gov. Nathan Deal delivered his State of the State address on January 15, 2014.

New Federal Water Legislation Benefits Both Georgia and Metro Atlanta

Boyd Austin, Mayor, Dallas, Georgia & Chair, Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District

January 6, 2014

With the anticipated passage of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA), Georgians owe a debt of gratitude to our Congressional delegation. Our Senators and Representatives worked across party lines to help ensure Georgia’s continued economic development, balanced with the protection of our natural resources.

Public-Private Partnership Legislation Could Benefit Taxpayers

Sen. Hunter Hill, Chair, Public-Private Partnership Study Committee

January 6, 2014

For the last six months, I have chaired the Georgia Public-Private Partnership Study Committee to look into optimal means for delivering mission critical facilities for state and local governments. Our committee held a series of hearings to explore the possibility of creating legislation that would give state and local governments an additional “tool in the toolbox” for their ability to conceive, design and construct facilities that serve a public need.

Let Our Leadership Reflect Lessons Learned

Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director

January 6, 2014

We’ve all heard the old adage that we grow and learn from our mistakes. We call this “lessons learned.” Sometimes, though, I wonder if we’re really learning anything at all.

December, 2013

Public Pension Plans are in Good Health Overall

Beth English, GMA President

December 3, 2013

Mark Twain famously said, “Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.” The same can be said for public pension programs. While a handful of pension programs have infamously run into big problems – some California cities and Detroit come to mind – those are the exceptions, not the rule.

November, 2013

Think About Fire Prevention Every Day

Robert Singletary, Warner Robins Fire Chief

November 5, 2013

Most people have heard the story of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow and how by kicking over a lantern in a barn, started the great fire of Chicago in October of 1871. Some people say it is true, while others debate whether the fire actually started this way. Regardless, a large part of Chica­go burned to the ground during those three days of October 8-10.

Community Policing Helps Engage Residents, Reduce Crime

Sgt. Anthony Bazydlo, Fairburn Police Department

November 5, 2013

Nearly every po­lice department has a talker—that one person in par­ticular who just can’t help but tell a 10 minute story at every available opportunity. I am the talker around here at the Fair­burn Police De­partment, and at some point my chief needed to figure out how to put my big mouth to good use. In 2011 he found the solution: Community Policing.

Cities Have the Chance to Do it Right

Beth English, GMA President

November 5, 2013

The lyrics of a children's song speaks to the truth of what we as elected officials are called to do ... to do it right.