Certification Requirements

The Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute for Elected Officials is a series 
of training programs designed to help mayors and council members enhance
their knowledge and skills. Courses are offered in conjunction with GMA 
meetings as well as in ‚Äústand-alone" offerings throughout the year.
The courses are voluntary and offer elected officials the opportunity to
obtain training beyond what is required by state law.  By completing this
additional training, elected officials can earn a Certificate of Recognition,
Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Excellence or Certificate of

Certificate of Recognition
Requires 42 hours of training, including the Newly Elected Officials Institute 
and at least three courses from the required list. 

Certificate of Achievement
Requires 72 hours of training, including the Newly Elected Officials Institute 
and at least six courses from the required list. 

Certificate of Excellence
Requires 120 hours of training, including the Newly Elected Officials Institute, 
at least nine courses from the required list and the Robert E. Knox, Jr. Municipal
Leadership Institute. 
Certificate of Distinction
Requires 204 hours of training, including the Newly Elected Officials Institute, 
twelve courses from the required list and the Robert E. Knox, Jr. Municipal 
Leadership Institute.