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Active Georgia Challenge

Active GeorgiaActive Georgia is GMA’s innovative approach to highlighting the various projects around the state including new trails, parks and bicycle lanes designed to engage the community in healthy leisure option.

The 2016 challenge began in March.

Active Georgia consists of participants in each city enrolling and participating in local activities and tracking their daily workouts online to earn points. City officials are encouraged to start city teams and ask residents to join the team. Individuals earn points for activities they participate in, and the teams also get credit for the number of activities logged by team members.
Winning cities will receive several prizes to be used for future, health-related events and be honored at GMA’s 2017 Mayors’ Day. Individuals are also awarded for their contributions to the success of their active community.
Active Georgia’s 2015 winner was the city of Sugar Hill, noted for hosting several 5Ks and offering a variety of fitness camps that often involve the mayor, councilmembers and members of the city’s Downtown Development Authority. Sugar Hill is currently building a new fitness center for city employees and their families.
For more information on how your city can become involved in Active Georgia please contact Dan Popovic at dan@cmecompete.com.
For more information on how your city can become involved in Active Georgia please contact:

Dan Popovic at dan@cmecompete.com
Download the user guide to learn how to create a profile, join a community, join a team and obtain points.