Cable & Telecommunications Management Services

Cable & Telecommunications Management Services
In your dealings with cable and telecommunications companies in relation to a state or local franchise issue, rights of way usage, or day-to-day service, do you:
  • Receive the maximum amount of your franchise fees allowed by law?
  • Believe that rights of way are effectively managed by these companies?
  • Hear numerous complaints from citizens about cable or telecommunications service?
  • Fully understand the financial and legal ramifications when companies place equipment on municipal property?
If you have doubts or your answer is “no” to these questions, then call GMA today for a free consultation.
We will review your current situation to see if you might be losing money or if you need expert assistance dealing with legal and regulatory issues related to cable and telecommunications companies.

With over 20 years of expertise dealing with cable and telecommunications companies on behalf of cities, we are experienced experts who can negotiate with those companies as your advocate. For your city, that means cable and telecommunications agreements structured by experts that benefit you.

Low Annual and Predictable Cost
For budget-conscious cities, legal fees related to cable and telecommunications franchising can be expensive and inconsistent. As your municipal advocate, we pool together resources and expertise to make such a high-end service affordable and predictable for you.
Your low annual fee includes:
Powerful Results

From our experience with cities, we routinely see:
  • Returns on investment far exceeding the low annual cost of our services.
  • Cities recouping past underpaid fees, often in the thousands of dollars.
  • Increased rent and right-of-way fees so that you are not undervaluing your city’s property and assets.

Contact Lou Comer at (678) 686-6260 or Greg Fender at (706) 482-9933 or (800) 978-0472 for more information.