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Agenda & Meeting Management


When you’re preparing your city council agendas and minutes, do you have trouble finding and accessing the right meeting information? Or do you recreate meeting agendas from scratch every time?  GMA—with agenda meeting and management experts Accela—offers you a way to automate your entire city council (and any other) meeting process without using paper. This helps you cut costs and rid yourself of many tedious, time-consuming agenda and meeting management tasks.


When you’re preparing your city council agendas and minutes, do you:
  • Have trouble finding and accessing the right meeting information?
  • Recreate meeting agendas from scratch every time?
  • Tie up your printer and print out hundreds of pages?
  • Spend hours and hours and hours creating and delivering heavy, clunky binders?
If so, you know this process is both paper intensive and time consuming. And even after the meeting is over, do you spend too much time hunting down agendas and minutes from past meetings? Is it hard to find tabled or approved items that your council wants to revisit and evaluate later? Do you scan endless amounts of paper documents into an unorganized collection of past city council meeting information on a computer somewhere?

GMA—with agenda meeting and management experts Accela—offers you a way to automate your entire city council (and any other) meeting process without using paper. Going way beyond simple electronic scanning of paper documents, Accela’s software helps you cut costs by:
  • Reducing the time it takes to develop an agenda.
  • Controlling and streamlining meeting workflow by standardizing meeting tasks, follow-up communications, and agenda item tracking.
  • Reducing copying costs—both staff time and the hard costs of paper. (This is also a plus if your city is trying to become greener.)
  • Reducing the time spent delivering agendas to people in person.
  • Digitizing and automatically distributing meeting information to the public.
  • Providing quicker, searchable access to past meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Providing low-cost video streaming of meetings for live viewing or later playback.
Accela’s meeting software improves the efficiency, accountability, and transparency of your city government meetings by:
  • Digitally preparing meeting agendas and packets. The software guides you through the process of compiling agendas, preparing minutes, and even assisting with video creation. By following a specific meeting workflow each and every time, you also standardize your meeting process and make it much more efficient.
  • Guiding you through approvals and decisions. From creating the meeting agenda through the approval of meeting items by elected officials, the software makes sure you receive the right approvals at the right time in the process. And because the software can be accessed from any person’s computer, meeting-related approvals can take place remotely—eliminating the need for in-person approvals.
  • Helping you compile minutes. Instead of a long block of unorganized handwritten or typed notes, our software helps you organize your minutes by adhering to the agenda outline, adding timestamps automatically, and automating some routine aspects of meetings (such as unanimous votes for absent board members).
  • Creating easy-to-use, searchable archives. For both your citizens and city staff, the software creates a fully searchable database through a web portal with links to past agendas and minutes, video streaming, and other information related to your meetings. We include data backup as part of this service, and there is no hardware or other IT equipment required.
  • Giving you full smartphone and tablet agenda access. Leveraging the convenience of your mobile phones, your city administrators and elected officials can collaborate, review, and approve agenda items from your iPhones, iPads, Androids and other mobile devices.
As an add-on, we also offer low-cost video and audio streaming tools that automate the recording, uploading and web publishing of meetings and other events. Offered at a special price through GMA, the tools include:
  • Live webcasting. Broadcast live meetings and events to an unlimited number of viewers without affecting your network or taxing your servers. Plus, we’ll automatically publish the live event on a customized website video portal when the event starts and archive the media file for on-demand viewing later.
  • Video and document syncing. Our webcasts not only display the agenda and minutes but also synchronize the video with individual agenda items. Viewers can search, browse, and open a resolution, ordinance, public hearing, or other agenda item, instantly jumping to that part of the video while displaying any relevant documents and information.
  • Unlimited storage and archiving. No worries about running out of space. Our unlimited archive capacity offers dependable storage for meeting archives that can last years or even decades. We also manage the archives and expand your storage as needed.
While cities rave about how easy this software is to use, we also include training and phone/email support that helps you get the most out of it.


Based on the size of your city’s population, we offer this service for a low monthly subscription. There are no upfront costs for training or implementation. Reach out to us for more details about cost.

Participating Entities

Acworth East Point
Americus Jefferson
Atlanta Lawrenceville
Brookhaven Pierce County
Chamblee Roswell
Chatham Area Transit System Sandy Springs
Clarkston Social Circle
College Park Stockbridge
Commerce Toccoa
Coweta County Valdosta
Dallas Winder
Dalton Woodstock

Commerce Saves Time and Money with GMA Agenda & Meeting Management Service Commerce Saves Time and Money with GMA Agenda & Meeting Management Service
When Sandra Haggard arrived at the city of Commerce two years ago, she saw some opportunity to improve the city’s meeting management process after a chance encounter with Accela’s software at a clerk’s training session.

Testimonials from Woodstock and Douglasville
Check out these testimonials from Woodstock City Manager Jeff Moon and Douglasville City Clerk Joyce Stone.

To learn more about GMA's Agenda & Meeting Management service, you can reach out to:
  Accela Contact
To help you budget for agenda and meeting management software, GMA works with Accela to provide its services at a discount. We also offer special add-on services such as live webcasting, video and document syncing, and unlimited storage and archiving at a significant discount in order to empower GMA members like you to use these cutting-edge and time-saving tools.