Property and Liability Insurance

Attention Members of GMA’s Property and Liability Program
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Administered by GMA, the Georgia Interlocal Risk Management Agency (GIRMA) is an intergovernmental risk-sharing fund created in 1987 to provide property and liability coverage to local government entities in Georgia. The fund was created in response to the membership's request to provide an alternative to the conventional insurance market for property and liability coverage due to hardships experienced by cities in the mid-1980's to obtain property and liability insurance.  GIRMA has a membership of nearly 330 members whose premiums are pooled to pay claim defense, claim losses, insurance to limit exposure and administrative expenses.
The membership owns and controls the fund, resulting in $44 million in dividends (or renewal credits) returned to the fund members, significantly reducing the cost of coverage for the membership.
Eligible Members
Municipalities, municipal authorities and commissions, regional commissions and municipal school districts with an average daily student population of at least 2,800 are eligible to participate in the fund.
Available Coverage
  • Property (including boiler and machinery)
  • Auto physical damage and liability
  • Law enforcement liability
  • General liability
  • Public officials' liability
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Pollution
  • Fidelity (including crime and all bonds)
Contributions are based on individual loss experience and underwriting.

Significant Features
  • Proactive risk control service which includes loss control field service, individual member problem analysis, on-site and regional training, a video lending library and periodic safety and risk control publications and communication materials
  • Administrative benefits include an easy renewal process; a common renewal date; no premium audits; and new vehicles, equipment and property valued under $100,000 are automatically covered and do not have to be reported.
  • Property appraisals conducted at no cost to the member
  • Free legal advisory service on employment and personnel matters
  • Safety and Liability Management Grant Program
  • Public Safety Driving Simulator Training Program
  • GIRMA Law Enforcement  Initiative
  • GIRMA Inmate Medical Program
Service Providers  
  • Gallagher Bassett - claims administration
  • Willis - marketing, administrative support and technical assistance