Georgia Cities Newspaper

August 2014

Convention Speakers Address the Importance of Design in Cities
Design matters and city officials have a big responsibility to make sure it is done right, Ron Sims, former deputy secretary for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and three-term executive of King County, Washington, told city officials gathered in Savannah for GMA’s Annual Convention in June.

How Our Cities Improve Education
Schools are focused, as they should be, on what goes on inside their four walls—presenting challenging learning concepts, ideas and principles to students. Cities, however, can help set the vision for a community that focuses all the positive forces within it on the need to create an environment that enables and supports a healthy learning environment.

Georgia: The State of Education
Public education in Georgia is improving but it will take all of us, community by community, if we are to make the gains so necessary for our children.

Governance is a Team Sport
The Annual Convention is a great time to see city officials from across the state, renew acquaintances and discuss everyday issues that impact cities. We often say that GMA is like a family; well, the Annual Convention is our family reunion. It’s where we check in with each other, make new friendships and get a sense of “where we all are.”

Students, Cities Benefit from UGA’s Downtown Renaissance Practicum
University of Georgia landscape architecture student Erik Lauritsen brought his knowledge home by helping to revitalize a historic neighborhood in his hometown of Conyers through an innovative practicum course initiated by a GMA partnership.

Can You Hear Me Now? The United States Supreme Court Drops Law Enforcement from the Warrantless Searches of Cell Phones
The United States Supreme Court recently held in Riley v. California that police may not search cellphones seized during lawful arrests, without first obtaining a proper warrant.

Defining the Economics of Education
How good is your education system? What is your local system’s graduation rate? How many of your young people are moving on to post-secondary work? How many of them face remedial work either at the community college or university level?

Two Georgia Cities to Become One
On January 1, the cities of Helena and McRae will cease to exist and will instead become one city, the city of McRae-Helena. The combined population of the two cities will be approximately 8,600.

Watkinsville Planning Passive Park and Greenspace
On a warm and sunny spring day, Watkinsville Mayor Charles Ivie surveys some of the nearly six acres the city has recently acquired. He is excited about the future of the property, located off South Main Street.

Dalton Links Early Education and Workforce Development
The future looks bright for the city of Dalton and its youngest residents thanks to several community stakeholders collaborating on one issue.