Georgia Cities Newspaper

June 2014

Waynesboro Student Wins GMA Essay Contest
Madison Mobley, a 6th grader at the Edmund Burke Academy in Waynesboro, would encourage people to protect the environment, work with the council to bring more businesses and build a community water park if she were mayor. Madison’s ideas made her the statewide winner in GMA’s If I Were Mayor, I Would . . .” essay contest.

2014 Session Tax Recap: Measures Whittle Away Local Revenues
A collection of tax measures passed by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Nathan Deal will drain up to $107 million from Georgia’s local governments over the next two years and up to $154 million over the next five years.

Most Public Pension Plans Are Economic, Effective and Sustainable
With their revenues hit hard by the Great Recession and the sluggish nature of the economy’s recovery, state and local government officials throughout the country are looking for ways to reduce expenditures and shore up their resources.

Success Comes When We All Work Together on the Little Things
In order to remain a strong and vibrant partner for Georgia’s cities, GMA will continue to evaluate how it relates to cities and city officials. But this work needs your continued participation; it is only by working together on all the “little things” that will lead to our future success and greatness.

Of Guns, Prayers, Mayors and City Attorneys
Legal activity affecting Georgia’s cities was in high gear recently. In a matter of weeks, we saw the Georgia Gen­eral Assembly (guns) and the United States Supreme Court (prayers opening legislative sessions) weigh in on matters of great impact and importance to the daily operation of our cities and our lives.

Gov. Deal Appoints Union City Mayor to County and Municipal Probation Advisory Council
Union City Mayor Vince Williams was appointed to the County and Munici­pal Probation Advisory Council on March 28.

Mosley is Named Georgia City-County Management Association President
mettmMetter City Manager Joseph Mosley was named president of the Georgia City-County Management Association at the annual GCCMA Conference held in Athens in April.

Federal Transportation Funding Uncertainty Puts Local Projects at Risk
Federal surface transportation legislation (MAP-21) is set to expire on September 30 but funding for the program is expected to run out as early as July. At 18.4 cents per gallon, the current federal motor fuel tax is not generating enough revenue to keep up with the nation’s infrastructure needs.

Union City Connects To State and Federal Officials with Hometown Connection
Union City, in partnership with GMA, recently hosted its 2014 Hometown Connection event. The program culminated into a meeting with county, state, and federal officials for the purpose of sharing critical information regarding initiatives designed to move the city forward.

Google Funds New Computer Lab at Douglasville Community Center
On a recent spring day, students from Stewart Middle School in Douglasville were the first to use 100 new Nexus 7 tablets as part of the opening of a new com­puter lab at the Jesse Davis Park community center in Douglasville.

Georgia Southern and Statesboro Partner for Future Economic Gains
When the city of Statesboro partnered with Georgia Southern University (GSU) to open a campus downtown, the idea was to boost economic development, give a stronger presence to the university and to bring more jobs to the area, explained Allen Muldrew, Statesboro’s downtown director. That was nearly three years ago. Today the partnership has blossomed into a full-fledged business incubator that will soon occupy two buildings downtown featuring office space and a fabrication laboratory equipped with cutting edge technology and tools.