Georgia Cities Newspaper

September 2014

Move Over Peaches: There’s a New Pit in Town
South Georgia has long been known as fertile ground for crops such as to¬bacco, corn, cotton, peanuts and soy beans. But there’s a new crop in town that’s not typically associated with Georgia, or the United States for that matter: olive trees.

GMA Property Committee Evaluating GMA's Future Needs
What we’ve become over the last 81 years is significantly different than what our early leaders could have predicted. As we look to the next 81 years, the challenge for us today is to create a framework that allows for continued growth while providing GMA’s future leadership and staff the flexibility to meet the needs of the membership.

Agriculture is Georgia’s Heritage and Future
As a Georgian, even if agriculture is not in your immediate family lineage, it is still a part of your being. Our homeland was indeed named in honor of King George, but have you ever considered the root meaning? In the Greek, George or the feminine form “Georgia,” means “a farmer.” Agriculture is our heritage, our current $77 billion leading industry, and I believe our future as well.

Sweet Grass Dairy, Nationally Known, Locally Committed
In 2010, Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop opened its doors in the heart of downtown Thomasville.

Lessons in Hiring (the hard way): Graham v. City of Duluth
The city of Duluth is facing a rather unusual and somewhat tenuous set of circumstances; our Georgia Court of Appeals reversed the Gwinnett County Superior Court’s decision to throw out a case against the city in a negligent hiring claim involving a drunk, off-duty police officer’s use of excessive force upon a citizen.

Dublin Puts Young Gamechangers Ideas Into Action
GeorgiaForward’s 2014 Class of Young Gamechangers has completed their work in Dublin on how to make Dublin a 21st Century community and plans are underway to put some of the recommendations into action.

Hiram Receives Federal Award to Purchase Bulletproof Vests
Hiram has been awarded a grant through the U.S. Department of Justice to purchase vests thanks to the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act of 1998.

Brady Appoints Property Committee
GMA President Keith Brady has appointed a Property Committee to explore options for expanding GMA’s offices and developing property GMA has acquired in recent years.

GMA Establishes Services Council
The GMA Board of Directors has established a Member Services Advisory Council to provide ongoing feedback to the GMA staff on services needed to help cities operate more effectively and efficiently.

Tybee Island Holds Hometown Connection
The city of Tybee Island held their first Hometown Connection on Wednesday, July 30.

Cities Feel Film Boom
Several Georgia cities got a piece of the $5.1 billion economic impact generated from the 158 feature film and television productions shot in Georgia during Fiscal Year 2014. The productions spent at total of $1.4 billion during FY 2014, which ended in June.

There is a lot Brewing in Georgia’s Cities
Craft beer is showing up in Georgia cities big and small. Craft beer — considered the equivalent to a farm-to-table restaurant — is locally brewed beer using superior, often local ingredients serving a small region and produced in small batches.