News Line for Newborn

Bill would reduce early voting days in cities
A bill seen by some as an attempt to chill voter turnout and by others as a way to help municipalities control their election costs has passed the state House and awaits debate in the Senate.
Source: Rockdale Citizen

Ellwanger to become Newborn mayor
As the lone person to qualify for the position, Gregg Ellwanger will soon be sworn in as the mayor of Newborn.
Source: Newton Citizen

Newborn to remember Sheridan at Arbor Day event
Newborn is preparing for a day of remembrance and awareness and another of celebration and tradition.
Source: Covington News

Newborn gets new mayor
Newborn won’t have a special election to fill its vacant mayor’s seat as Gregg Ellwanger was the lone person to qualify for the seat.
Source: Covington News