News Line for Bostwick

Bostwick Council sets tax rate, to raise $151 more in taxes
The City of Bostwick Mayor and City Council is proposing a millage rate of 1.401 for 2014, which is the rollback millage rate from the rate of 1.470 for 2013.
Source: Morgan County Citizen

Bostwick nearing completion of hotel
The Bostwick City Council discussed a potential plan for funding the remaining renovations necessary for the completion of the Susie Agnes Hotel project.
Source: Morgan County Citizen

Former Bostwick Council Member Troy Dobbs honored for service
The Bostwick City Council honored Troy Dobbs, former city council member, for his 49 years of dedicated service to Bostwick during a ceremony held at the Bostwick City Hall last Saturday, Jan. 25.
Source: Morgan County Citizen