News Line for Jesup

Jesup police moving from old school to old school
The city Police Department will be going old-school at the end of the week when it completes a move into its new headquarters.
Source: Florida Times-Union

Jesup’s new treatment plant is in testing phase
The third time is the charm, so the saying goes. And for Stan Efaw, head of the Jesup wastewater department, the third treatment plant in his 30 years of working for the city is about to come on line.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel

Jesup Train Depot receives statewide award
The Jesup Train Depot has been selected for an award for Excellence in Rehabilitation from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. Jesup Mayor Herb Shaw accepted the award at a presentation ceremony in Atlanta.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel

Jesup found to be in sound financial shape
Following the past several years of spending reductions and tight budget controls, the city of Jesup’s latest audit reveals the city is in sound financial condition.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel

Firefighter saves woman, receives city recognition
Josh Huffman is a quiet type of man, the kind that novels and movies call the strong, silent type—the hero type. When he was awarded a special certificate at Jesup City Hall Tuesday night, he smiled, accepted the commendation in front of a packed room and then sat with his fellow firefighters without saying a word.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel

Jesup makes progress despite hard times
In too many small towns in Georgia and almost every other state, one thing is striking. As Paul Harvey might have said, nothing is happening. Not so in Jesup.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel

Jesup is busy: Streets, parks and facilities
Ride through Jesup these days, and the road resurfacing is obvious. What might not be so obvious is the number of projects under way.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel

GMA got good message from Jesup
The Georgia Municipal Association is a huge organization. It represents cities, towns, and hamlets from all across the state. But as far as anyone can remember, it has been decades since it held any sort of function here.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel

Ordinance aims to curb quick sale of stolen items
A discussion that started in December on how to decrease the number of stolen items being sold to local businesses took up an hour-and-a-half work session and part of Tuesday night’s Jesup City Council meeting.
Source: Jesup Press-Sentinel