News Line for Waco

Waco approves roof repairs
The City of Waco approved motions to repair the roof of the city auditorium, continue their sponsorship of the Haralson County Chamber of Commerce, and to continue to pay for one trash receptacle for each church inside the city limits during their regular meeting on Monday, May 5.
Source: Carrollton Times-Georgian

Details of Haralson County service delivery strategy emerge
Now that the Service Delivery Strategy Intergovernmental Agreement has picked up momentum by receiving approval from both the Haralson County Commission and the City of Bremen, details of the agreement have been released.
Source: Carrollton Times-Georgian

Haralson County approves Service Delivery Agreement
Haralson County Commissioners approved a Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) agreement between the county and her municipalities, outlining which government entity will provide what services to taxpayers – and whose tax dollars will pay for them.
Source: Carrollton Times-Georgian