News Line for Statham

Statham renames park after mayor
The Statham City Council had a surprise up their sleeves for Mayor Robert Bridges on Tuesday night.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham to reevaluate costs for road project
Statham is currently short nearly $30,000 for a McCarty Road repaving project and is looking to reevaluate costs for it.
Source: Barrow County News

Johnston steps up as chief of police
Former Statham Assistant Chief of Police Allan Johnston was sworn in as the city’s new chief of police on Wednesday morning.
Source: Barrow County News

Martin begins job as Statham administrator
Former Statham Chief of Police Steve Martin officially took on his new role as city administrator on Friday.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham to lobby Barrow for library funding
Now that the new fiscal year has begun for the City of Statham, the city is moving forward with plans to lobby the county for more funding for the Statham library.
Source: Barrow County News

Residents object to Statham's proposed library cuts
At Tuesday night’s Statham City Council meeting, employees and patrons of the Statham library voiced their opinions against the city’s proposed cut to the library budget for fiscal year 2015.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham wants administrator
Members of the Statham City Council are in agreement that a city administrator would be beneficial to the city in terms of promotion and even eventual cost savings.
Source: Jackson County News

Statham votes to slash library funding
Statham’s updated $2.48 million budget proposal now includes a $21,500 cut to the initially proposed library funds.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham to rework budget to cover $159,000 of expenses
The city of Statham is around $159,000 short of having a balanced budget for the upcoming year.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham plans 3rd budget meeting
Statham officials will hold another budget workshop Tuesday as they prepare for a vote later this month.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham discusses budget
Statham officials are hashing out details as they prepare for a new budget that’s been hampered by coding issues under a new software system.
Source: Barrow County News

Cities and Counties Examine New Security Measures After Gun Bill Signing
Some local cities and counties are exploring whether to add metal detectors or police officers to government buildings without security.
Source: WABE

Citizens speak out against crematorium
A state law will likely prevent a controversial crematorium from being built in Statham.
Source: Barrow County News

More minor crimes, less major reported in city
Statham has had a dramatic increase in Part 2 crimes so far this year while more serious offenses have reduced by 67 percent.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham eyes speed limit after deadly crash
The city of Statham may have changes in its speed limit after a 90-year-old woman was killed in a wreck.
Source: Barrow County News

Statham looks at security in light of new gun bill
The city of Statham may purchase a metal detector in response to a potential bill allowing guns in government buildings.
Source: Barrow County News

Mayors speak at State of the Cities
The 2014 State of the Cities program had three Barrow County mayors discuss the progress made over the last year and some of their plans for the future.
Source: Barrow County News