News Line for Flovilla

Butts County Commission candidates weigh in on consolidation
Butts County commission candidates on Monday weighed in with their views on whether the county government should be consolidated with its three cities, with most signaling a willingness to explore the idea if not offering an outright endorsement.
Source: Jacksonville Times-Union

Governments gather for joint meeting
Members of Butts County’s elected and appointed boards on Thursday met for their periodic joint dinner meeting.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Panel learning about transportation projects
Impaneled late last year to review and recommend transportation projects across Butts County and its three cities, members of the board met last week for only the second time.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Butts County cities, garden clubs celebrate Arbor Day
Butts County had at least 13 more trees planted in a 24-hour period thanks to Arbor Day celebrations held on Feb. 21 by each of the three cities — Flovilla, Jackson and Jenkinsburg.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Butts County Transportation Board organizes
The Butts County Transportation Board was created in August by a resolution of the Butts County Board of Commissioners after months of lobbying by the group Partners for Smart Growth. The voting members of the board are appointment by the governments of Butts County and each of its three cities.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Flovilla fire agreement in the works
The Butts County government and city of Flovilla could be on their way to laying to rest at least some long-running questions about the operation of the city’s fire department.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Flovilla drafts wish list
Flovilla city officials will ask Butts County for a nearly 73 percent boost in financial assistance in operating the city’s fire department.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Elected, appointed officials share pre-Thanksgiving meal
A host of Butts County’s elected and appointed officials met Thursday for a meal and discussion of their recent activities and future plans.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Flovilla recount produces same results
Flovilla City Council candidate Harvey Norris said Friday he will be researching his options, after a recount resulted in the same vote totals as election night tabulations.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Catherine Watson, Thomas Douglas re-elected to Flovilla council
Two incumbent candidates and a former council member were elected to the Flovilla City Council in the city election held Tuesday, Nov. 5.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Flovilla wants Jackson-style fire agreement
The Flovilla City Council is hoping the Butts County Commission will treat it like Jackson when it comes to firefighting.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus

Six vie for Flovilla council seats
Three incumbents are hoping to hold off three challengers in this year’s Flovilla City Council elections.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus