Newly Elected Municipal Official Resources

Newly Elected Officials Institute
The Newly Elected Officials Institute, instituted in 1991, is a  two-day training program which is required by state law. There is one opportunity in 2015 to attend the training.
The Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute is a series of training programs for mayors and council members to enhance their knowledge and skills. Courses are offered throughout the year as stand-alone offerings or in conjunction with GMA meetings.
GMA's Policy Development Process
City officials are invited to participate in GMA's policy development process by joining one of our six policy committees, Community Development, Natural Resources and Environment, Municipal Government, Public Safety, Revenue and Finance, and Transportation.
District Outreach Program
City officials are encouraged to participate in GMA activities at the district level and to get to know their district staff representative. In each of the twelve districts, spring listening sessions provide an opportunity to receive a briefing on the recently completed legislative session and suggest issues and concerns that should be addressed in GMA’s legislative platform the following year. Fall district meetings are held to facilitate informal dialogue between city officials, legislators and GMA staff. In addition, district caucuses are held in January during GMA’s annual Mayors’ Day Conference in Atlanta.

GMA's staff representatives are listed below.

District 1
Lou Comer

District 2
Chris Higdon

District 3
Al Outland

District 4
Brian Wallace

District 5
Becky Taylor

District 6
Pam Helton
(678) 678-6275

District 7
Korey Dickens

District 8
Alan Dickerson

District 9
Yalonde Tanner

District 10
Erica Powell

District 11
Kelly Shields

District 12
Janice Eidson

A Survival Guide for Newly Elected Municipal Officials
This publication has been prepared to assist newly elected officials in becoming more acquainted with their roles and responsibilities as mayors and council members in Georgia. It contains numerous tips to help officials perform their duties and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.