Frequently Asked Questions

January 2, 2014

Who can use this service?
Any public entity that is served by the Atlanta Gas Light Company system, including cities, counties, school boards and authorities.
What benefits can I expect to achieve through this service?
Based on our analysis, most public entities are overpaying between three to twelve cents per therm of natural gas, including overpayments for pipeline and transportation costs. Additionally, you will have the assurance that your government's natural gas costs have been competitively negotiated or bid by an industry professional who provides on-going monitoring of your accounts.
How much does the service cost?
There is no direct fee. A one-cent per therm service charge is included in your bill to cover the cost of the service.
What do I need to provide GMA to participate in the service?
  1. A list of gas accounts by the Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) account numbers or one invoice for each account. The Atlanta Gas Light Company account number may be different from the account number assigned by your marketer. It is a 10 digit number commonly described on the bill as the "AGLC Number."
  2. Signed contract, including an agency form.
  3. A copy of a few recent gas invoices.
  4. Any known gas contract terms to help us evaluate cost for you.
  5. Advise us of any special needs or requirements for your entity.