Natural Gas Purchasing

Natural Gas Purchasing Service
Negotiating the best price for natural gas in today's deregulated environment is a time-consuming and complex task. GMA's natural gas purchasing service is designed to save local governments and other public entities money as well as unburdening them from having to figure out which of the price components, rates, and plans best fits the needs of your government.
As a member of the program, our service provider will:
  • Prepare a "request for bid" with the appropriate bid specifications and disseminate it to relevant suppliers;
  • Negotiate with suppliers as necessary to reduce each member's natural gas expense to the lowest possible cost;
  • Review billing records to ensure that the natural gas supplier is indeed invoicing as agreed;
  • Coordinate the original account set-up as well as any subsequent account changes or set-ups;
  • Resolve any problem you may have with your marketer.