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Ann Cramer, a pioneer in the field of corporate citizenship at IBM, talks about how big companies can benefit from being involved in their communities . . . and what local leaders can do to encourage it.

Published Date: August 11, 2014

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is renowned for engaging groups and individuals in raising money and sorting food. Bill Bolling, founder and executive director, talks about what he has learned over the years about enlisting citizens in service to their communities.

Published Date: June 11, 2014

Alicia Philipp, president of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, talks how she connects interested and gifted young people with civic leadership opportunities – and why it’s important that community leaders do this in a systematic way.

Published Date: January 10, 2014

This report addresses the challenges of stewarding local community engagement and planning—that is, building greater sustainability into citizen-driven, values-based community engagement and planning—in order to ensure its ongoing success and impact

Published Date: December 30, 2013

Kathy Swahn, executive director of the Drake House in Roswell, Georgia, talks about how a group of civic leaders in suburban Atlanta recognized a community need—a place for homeless women and their children to live as they got their lives in order­­—and turned it into a cause with surprisingly deep roots in the community.

Published Date: November 12, 2013

Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, talks about what he has learned from working with volunteers and how community leaders can harness this powerful civic asset.

Published Date: October 10, 2013

McKenzie Wren, executive director of the Clarkston Community Center, explains how you build a sense of community in highly diverse cities like Clarkston, GA. It helps to have a meeting place.

Published Date: April 12, 2013

Kathie Gannon, a county commissioner in DeKalb County, Georgia, explains how collaborations can sometimes bring about great results in cities and do so with unconventional solutions. But, she adds, you have to be patient.

Published Date: March 11, 2013

Mayor Deke Copenhaver explains how Augusta, Georgia, makes its biggest public investment decisions, aided by a state law that allows citizens to tax themselves for improvements.

Published Date: February 13, 2013

Mayor Bucky Johnson of Norcross, Georgia, worked diligently for a regional transportation referendum that voters ultimately rejected. He explains what happened and what we can learn from this experience about managing referendums in general.

Published Date: January 8, 2013

Mayor Robert Reichert explains why voters in his city, Macon, Georgia, voted to merge the city and county governments, and what leaders everywhere can learn about managing high-stakes public referendums.

Published Date: December 10, 2012

Denise Brinson, economic and community development director of Suwanee, Georgia, explains why her suburban city decided to build an entirely new downtown – and how it managed such an audacious project.

Published Date: November 13, 2012

Research shows that high-quality afterschool and summer programs help cities keep children and youth safe when they are not in school, discourage substance abuse and juvenile crime, and improve student attendance and academic achievement.

Published Date: October 15, 2012

The widespread availability of mobile technology and broadband networks provides opportunities to connect citizens with local government leaders and providers of public service.

Published Date: October 12, 2012

Public engagement expert Jon Abercrombie talks about how governments can successfully involve citizens in making big decisions. He explains why traditional public hearings don’t work well, and why facilitated discussions organized around small groups do.

Published Date: October 11, 2012

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