Hotel and Motel Tax Recovery

Losing revenue from irregularly collecting your hotel and motel taxes?

As you know, hotels and motels must remit taxes to cities, but some lodging providers comply slowly or not at all. Local governments strapped for time and with staff stretched thin often struggle to regularly collect these taxes.
But that’s lost revenue – real money you can spend on vital projects for your city. Don’t let it go uncollected. Let GMA help.

How We Help You Collect Hotel and Motel Tax Revenue
With our many decades of experience working with cities, GMA quickly helps improve your tax administration and establish compliance between you and your city’s hotel and motel operators. Our process ensures that you receive your hotel and motel tax revenue every month like clockwork – without you worrying about collecting it.
Choose any or all of the services below. We can help you with any hotel and motel tax situation.

Contact Lou Comer at (678) 686-6260 or Pam Helton at (678) 686-6275 or (888) 488-4462 for more information.