Equipment & Real Estate Financing Programs

Making a major purchase, such as a police car, or even a new City Hall? Don’t waste your time tackling all of the paperwork, paying excessive legal fees, or paying unnecessarily high interest rates. Since 1990, GMA has assisted Georgia cities with major equipment and real estate purchases. We’ve secured over $1 billion in financing for cities, amounting to over 4000 individual deals.
Don’t recreate the wheel. Finance with GMA.
  • We competitively represent all Georgia cities in the marketplace, so our interest rates are usually lower than most other loan sources.
  • We are already set up as a lessor, and we handle all of your legal work. You don’t pay expensive legal fees associated with your purchase.
  • We have standard documents already prepared and ready to go. Don’t try to build your own documents from scratch.
  • We receive rates on a weekly basis, so we’re continually updating our knowledge about current market rates.
  • We generally know more about municipal law than banks. They tend to miss important municipal legal provisions, and banks may not look out for your best interests like GMA does.
  • We comply with all state leasing statutes.
  • We have never had a default.
Our two programs handle both short-term equipment purchases and long-term real estate purchases.