Employment Screening

It’s expensive to hire and retain city employees. Consider the time spent recruiting and interviewing candidates, payroll taxes, and all of the other training and investments required to onboard employees. The cost goes far beyond wages and benefits. So what happens after you spend all of that time and money—only to find out you’ve hired a felon or someone who falsely claimed previous employment and education? When cities invest taxpayer dollars in new employees, they want to make sure they’ve selected a candidate who will be an asset…not a liability.

Background screening helps minimize the chance of workplace issues like poor performance, theft, drug use and sales, violence, fraud, and more. Since 2002, GMA—with employment screening experts Laborchex—has assisted cities with the legally compliant background screening of both potential and current employees so they can build safer and more productive workforces.

Many Screening Options Available

For a low cost, cities access a secure web based system from Laborchex to perform various types of background checks. GMA provides cities discounted pricing on all levels of service with no set up fees or minimum order requirements. To meet your specific needs, we offer many ordering and result-reporting options. And unlike many employment screening vendors, you’ll always get a human being on the phone at Laborchex to answer your questions.

  • Employment verification. As one of the most important parts of the employee screening process, Laborchex investigators confirm job titles and time periods, salary, performance evaluations, and reasons for termination.
  • Criminal records. A criminal check may include identifying misdemeanor and felony convictions, sex offender status, arrests, and details about incarceration, probation and parole. These checks can be completed for local, statewide, federal, and international criminal records.
  • Motor vehicle records. Especially if you hire people who will drive city vehicles or personal vehicles on city business, we quickly report on the status of a person’s driver’s license to learn about any moving violations, DUIs, accidents, and other issues.
  • Address and social security number verification. Did the applicant live where he or she claimed? Have they used aliases? Address and social security number verification helps detect lapses in historical personal information and points out questionable and/or illegal uses of a social security number.
  • Educational credentials and transcripts. You may have heard stories in the media about people who get caught lying about their educational background. Laborchex investigators check to see if a person really graduated and received the degrees from the colleges and universities claimed on their applications. We also provide high school and GED verifications.
  • Personal and professional references. Laborchex investigators contact references with a set of customized questions and look for comments (positive and negative) about a person’s work history and personal characteristics.
  • Professional licenses. We confirm that the applicant has the CPA, medical, trade, and attorney licenses they claim. In addition, our investigators find out if the license has been suspended in any way or if the person is under investigation.

To start screening, reach out to Lou Comer at (678) 686-6260 or Steve Durden at (678) 686-6259. You may also call toll-free at (888) 488-4462.