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Elected Officials

Fred Perriman
Mayor Pro Tem
Richard Blanton
Council Member
Robert Crawford
Council Member
Joe DiLetto
Council Member
Chris Hodges
Council Member
Carrie Peters-Reid

Other Officials*

City Manager
David Nunn
City Attorney
Joe Reitman
City Clerk
Ashley Hawk
Public Works Director
Ricky Watkins
City Planner
Monica Callahan
Wastewater Supt.
Wayne Ghann
Fire Chief
Tim Carter
Downtown Manager
Ann Huff
Water Supt.
Wayne Ghann
Police Chief
Bill Ashburn
Parks & Recreation Director
Lance Alexander
Finance Officer
Karen Stapp
Gas Supt.
Rusty Johnson
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

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PO Box 32
Madison, GA 30650-0032
Phone:(706) 342-1251
Fax:(706) 342-3454
Population (official): 3,979
Population (estimate): 4,026
RC: Northeast Georgia
GMA District: 5
County: MORGAN
Congressional District: 10
State Senate District: 25
State House District: 112