City of Tunnel Hill

PO Box 159
Tunnel Hill, GA 30755-0159
Phone:(706) 673-2355
Fax:(706) 673-6434
Population (official): 856
Population (estimate): 860
RC: Northwest Georgia
GMA District: 1
Congressional District: 14
State Senate District: 54
State House District: 2

Elected Officials

Kenny Gowin
Council Member
Gene Adamson
Council Member
Ray Anderson
Council Member
Hub Griffin
Mayor Pro Tem
Jim Griffin

Other Officials*

City Administrator
Blake Griffin
City Attorney
Curtis Kleem
City Clerk
Melinda Griffin
Police Chief
Roy Brunson
Municipal Court Judge
Philip Woodward
Public Works Director
Raymond Putnam
Parks & Recreation Director
Jeromy Stroud
Municipal Court Clerk
Karen Chesser
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.