City of Stillmore

PO Box 70
Stillmore, GA 30464-0070
Phone:(912) 562-3529
Fax:(912) 562-3868
Population (official): 532
Population (estimate): 526
RC: Heart of Georgia - Altamaha
GMA District: 9
Congressional District: 12
State Senate District: 4
State House District: 158

Elected Officials

Regan Slater
Council Member
Eddie Allen
Council Member
Kymberly Bowman
Council Member
Frances Creech
Council Member
Brad Daughtry

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Brent Carter
City Cerk
Tammy Arnold
Fire Chief
Tommy Clark
Police Chief
Stephen Mincey
Municipal Court Clerk
Jane't Lloyd
Municipal Court Judge
Kendall Gross
Zoning Administrator
Stephen Mincey
Wastewater Supt.
Joe Grimm
Water Supt.
Johnny Mills
Public Works Director
Johnny Mills
Finance Officer
Tammy Arnold
Personnel Director
Tammy Arnold
Purchasing Agent
Tammy Arnold
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.