City of Riverdale

7200 Church Street
Riverdale, GA 30274-2918
Phone:(770) 997-8989
Fax:(770) 997-8992
Population (official): 15,134
Population (estimate): 15,537
RC: Atlanta Regional
GMA District: 3
Congressional District: 5, 13
State Senate District: 34
State House District: 74, 77

Elected Officials

Evelyn Wynn-Dixon
Mayor Pro Tem
An'cel Davis
Council Member
Kenneth Ruffin
Council Member
Cynthia Stamps-Jones
Council Member
Wanda Wallace

Other Officials*

City Manager
Scott Wood
Assistant City Manager
Nathaniel Mingo
Interim City Clerk
Sherry Henderson
Municipal Court Judge
Ronald Freeman
Municipal Court Clerk
Nathaniel Mingo
Police Chief
Samuel Patterson
Information Technology Contact
Lemmy Paskel
Finance Officer
Lolita Grant
City Planner
Camilla Moore
Zoning Administrator
Camilla Moore
Sanitation Supt.
Camilla Moore
City Engineer
Karl Kelley
Code Enforcement
Karl Kelley
Fire Chief
Brenda Willis
Parks & Recreation Director
Cie Cie McGhee
Public Works Director
Bennie Rose
Personnel Director
Jacquette Jackson
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.