City of Remerton

1757 Poplar St
Remerton, GA 31601
Phone:(229) 247-2320
Fax:(229) 244-8624
Population (official): 1,123
Population (estimate): 1,134
RC: Southern Georgia
GMA District: 11
Congressional District: 8
State Senate District: 8
State House District: 177

Elected Officials

Cornelius Holsendolph
Council Member
Jessica Brantley
Council Member
Blake DeCesare
Council Member
Steve Koffler
Council Member
Jasen Tatum
Mayor Pro Tem
William Wetherington

Other Officials*

City Manaer
Michael Terrell
City Attorney
D. Bradley Folsom
City Clerk
Mary Sayers
Utilities Supt.
Ronald Woods
Code Enforcement
Kevin Hollis
Information Technology Contact
Larry Adams
Municipal Court Clerk
Lea Lacey
Zoning Administrator
Jessica Freeman
Municipal Court Judge
Robert Plumb
Finance Officer
Mary Sayers
Personnel Director
Mary Sayers
Police Chief
Michael Terrell
Fire Chief
Jamie Horne
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.