Town of Portal

PO Box 89
Portal, GA 30450-0089
Phone:(912) 865-2561
Fax:(912) 865-5665
Population (official): 638
Population (estimate): 617
RC: Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia
GMA District: 12
Congressional District: 12
State Senate District: 4
State House District: 158

Elected Officials

Larry Motes
Council Member
Billy Boggs
Council Member
Nan Finch
Council Member
Jerry Lanigan
Council Member
Clint Lovett
Council Member
Jennifer Motes-Yates

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Scott Brannen
City Clerk
John Arrieta
Police Chief
Jason Sapp
Water Supt.
Larry Motes
Sanitation Supt.
David Yates
Finance Officer
Larry Motes
Municipal Court Clerk
John Arrieta
Municipal Court Judge
Scott Brannen
Wastewater Supt.
Jud Street
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.