City of Pooler

100 SW U.S. Highway 80
Pooler, GA 31322
Phone:(912) 748-7261
Fax:(912) 330-0987
Population (official): 19,140
Population (estimate): 21,187
RC: Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia
GMA District: 12
Congressional District: 1
State Senate District: 1, 2
State House District: 161, 162, 164

Elected Officials

Mike Lamb
Council Member
Bruce Allen
Council Member
Rebecca Benton
Council Member
Shannon Black
Council Member
David Burke
Council Member
Michael Royal
Council Member
Stevie Wall

Other Officials*

City Manager
Robbie Byrd
Finance Director
Michelle McNeely
City Attorney
Steven Scheer
City Clerk
Maribeth Lindler
Parks & Recreation Director
Hugh Elton
Wastewater Supt.
John Winn
Street Supt.
Shawn McNelly
Sanitation Supt.
Shawn McNelly
Public Works Director
Matt Saxon
Zoning Administrator
Jacqueline Carver
Water Supt.
Mark Williams
City Planner
Matt Saxon
Code Enforcement
Scott McPherson
Municipal Court Judge
Rick Gnann
Municipal Court Clerk
Pam Wilson
Fire Chief
Wade Simmons
Finance Officer
Michelle McNeely
Information Technology Contact
Chuck Jones
Police Chief
Mark Revenew
Personnel Director
Andrea Anderson
Purchasing Agent
Stacy Weston
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.