City of Nicholls

PO Box 218
Nicholls, GA 31554-0218
Phone:(912) 345-2421
Fax:(912) 345-2001
Population (official): 2,798
Population (estimate): 3,317
RC: Southern Georgia
GMA District: 11
County: COFFEE
Congressional District: 12
State Senate District: 7
State House District: 169

Elected Officials

Dewayne Streat
Council Member
John Anderson
Council Member
Thomas Frost
Council Member
Charles Grady
Council Member
Phillip Grady
Council Member
Kathy Streat

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Marlo Ross
City Clerk
Helen Gilliard
Fire Chief
Wendell Streat
Wastewater Supt.
Greg Simmons
Police Chief
Christopher Elrod
Municipal Court Clerk
Renee Mobley
Municipal Court Judge
Douglas Mitchell III
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.