Town of Mount Airy

PO Box 257
Mount Airy, GA 30563-0257
Phone:(706) 778-6990
Fax:(706) 776-6792
Population (official): 1,284
Population (estimate): 1,281
RC: Georgia Mountains
GMA District: 2
Congressional District: 9
State Senate District: 50
State House District: 10, 28

Elected Officials

Gary Morris
Council Member
Bobby Ayers
Council Member
Linda Hughes
Council Member
William McAllister
Council Member
Mike McCoy
Council Member
Adam Tullis

Other Officials*

City Attorney
John Dickerson
City Clerk
Sheri Berrong
Water Supt.
Rodney Beck
Public Works Director
Mark Lewallen
Finance Officer
Sheri Berrong
Personnel Director
Sheri Berrong
Municipal Court Judge
Robert Sneed
Zoning Administrator
Sheri Berrong
Municipal Court Clerk
Kim Jackson
Code Enforcement
Corey Allen
Police Chief
Corey Allen
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.