City of Marshallville

PO Box 83
Marshallville, GA 31057-0083
Phone:(478) 967-2535
Fax:(478) 967-3377
Population (official): 1,448
Population (estimate): 1,374
RC: River Valley
GMA District: 8
County: MACON
Congressional District: 2
State Senate District: 15
State House District: 139

Elected Officials

William Massee
Council Member
Ronnie Buckner
Council Member
Adeline Felton
Council Member
Juliana Horsting
Council Member
Joe Rice

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Jon Coogle
City Clerk
Ebony Walker
Parks & Recreation Director
Julius Rice
Code Enforcement
Roscoe Miller
Public Works Director
Jeffrey Lempke
Utilities Supt.
Jeffrey Lempke
Wastewater Supt.
Jeffrey Lempke
Water Supt.
Jeffrey Lempke
Municipal Court Clerk
Robin King
Police Chief
Jarques Wheeler
Finance Officer
Ebony Walker
Personnel Director
Ebony Walker
Purchasing Agent
Ebony Walker
Fire Chief
Marvin Yoder
Municipal Court Judge
Bert Gregory
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.