City of Locust Grove

PO Box 900
Locust Grove, GA 30248-0900
Phone:(770) 957-5043
Fax:(770) 954-1223
Population (official): 5,402
Population (estimate): 5,648
RC: Atlanta Regional
GMA District: 3
County: HENRY
Congressional District: 3
State Senate District: 17
State House District: 111, 130

Elected Officials

Robert Price
Council Member
Vernon Ashe
Council Member
Keith Boone
Council Member
Sammy Brown
Council Member
Otis Hammock
Council Member
James Rosser
Council Member
Frances Ward

Other Officials*

City Manager-AICP
Timothy Young
City Attorney
A. J. Welch
City Clerk
Tracey Sullivan
Police Chief
Jesse Patton
City Engineer
G. Ben Turnipseed
Public Works Director
Jack Rose
Utilities Supt.
David Ellis
Municipal Court Clerk
Kim Jones
Municipal Court Judge
Donald Patton
Community Development
Bert Foster
Downtown Manager
Mallory Andrews
Code Enforcement
Rex Dickie
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.