City of Lake Park

120 N Essa St
Lake Park, GA 31636-5074
Phone:(229) 559-7470
Fax:(229) 559-7499
Population (official): 733
Population (estimate): 734
RC: Southern Georgia
GMA District: 11
Congressional District: 8
State Senate District: 8
State House District: 174

Elected Officials

Eric Schindler
Council Member
Ronald Carter
Council Member
Paul Mulkey
Council Member
Bert Rutland
Mayor Pro Tem
Sandy Sherrill

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Robert Plumb
City Clerk
Tabitha Fowler
Municipal Court Judge
Carlos Rodgers
Public Works Director
Billy Jones
Police Chief
Tim Baker
Fire Chief
Morris Cook
Municipal Court Clerk
Tabitha Fowler
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.