City of LaFayette

PO Box 89
LaFayette, GA 30728-0089
Phone:(706) 639-1500
Fax:(706) 638-8730
Population (official): 7,121
Population (estimate): 7,073
RC: Northwest Georgia
GMA District: 1
County: WALKER
Congressional District: 14
State Senate District: 53
State House District: 2

Elected Officials

Andy Arnold
Council Member
Ben Bradford
Council Member
Chris Davis
Council Member
Beacher Garmany
Council Member
Judy Meeks
Council Member
Wayne Swanson

Other Officials*

City Manager
David Hamilton
City Attorney
Ron Womack
City Clerk
Brenda Snyder
Wastewater Supt.
Jim Speir
Water Supt.
Jim Speir
Code Enforcement
Rod Robertson
Gas Supt.
Rod Robertson
Municipal Court Clerk
Jan Bridges
Parks & Recreation Director
Patti Scott
Finance Officer
Brenda Snyder
Municipal Court Judge
Kenneth Maples
Community Development
Matthew Williams
Electrical Supt.
Mike Stewart
Public Works Director
Mark White
Sanitation Supt.
Mark White
Police Chief
Benji Clift
Fire Chief
Robert Busby
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.