City of Hawkinsville

PO Box 120
Hawkinsville, GA 31036-0120
Phone:(478) 892-3240
Fax:(478) 783-1699
Population (official): 4,589
Population (estimate): 5,558
RC: Middle Georgia
GMA District: 6
Congressional District: 8
State Senate District: 20
State House District: 148

Elected Officials

Ken Hardy
Shelly Berryhill
Vice Chairperson
James Colson
Henry Cravey
Phil NeSmith

Other Officials*

City Manager
Tim Young
Asst. City Manager
Mitchell Woods
City Attorney
David Walker
City Clerk
Evelyn Herrington
Fire Chief
Leslie Sewell
Public Works Director
Johnny Gordon
Personnel Director
Mitchell Woods
Finance Officer
Mitchell Woods
Sanitation Supt.
Johnny Gordon
Wastewater Supt.
Tommy Myers
Municipal Court Judge
William Mullis
Downtown Manager
Karen Bailey
Parks & Recreation Director
Ken White
Code Enforcement
Alan Carter
Municipal Court Clerk
Mary Johnson
Utilities Supt.
Johnny Gordon
Water Supt.
Johnny Gordon
Gas Supt.
Johnny Gordon
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.


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