Town of Ephesus

24500 Georgia Highway 100
Roopville, GA 30170-3012
Phone:(770) 854-8616
Fax:(770) 854-8650
Population (official): 427
Population (estimate): 417
RC: Three Rivers
GMA District: 4
County: HEARD
Congressional District: 3
State Senate District: 28
State House District: 69

Elected Officials

Denney Rogers
Council Member
Aubin Cumbie
Council Member
Paul Gosdin
Council Member
Donna Henderson
Council Member
Wayne Prince
Council Member
Tony Rogers

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Thomas Vance
City Clerk
Linda Yearwood
Municipal Court Judge
Emmett Harrod
Fire Chief
Emmett Harrod
Public Works Director
Ed Bryan
Municipal Court Clerk
Linda Yearwood
City Engineer
Tim Grizzard
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.


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