Town of Ephesus

24500 Georgia Highway 100
Roopville, GA 30170-3012
Phone:(770) 854-8616
Fax:(770) 854-8650
Population (official): 427
Population (estimate): 417
RC: Three Rivers
GMA District: 4
County: HEARD
Congressional District: 3
State Senate District: 28
State House District: 69

Elected Officials

Denney Rogers
Council Member
Aubin Cumbie
Council Member
Paul Gosdin
Council Member
Donna Henderson
Council Member
Wayne Prince
Council Member
Tony Rogers

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Thomas Vance
City Clerk
Linda Yearwood
Municipal Court Judge
Emmett Harrod
Public Works Director
Ed Bryan
Municipal Court Clerk
Linda Yearwood
City Engineer
Tim Grizzard
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.