City of Decatur

PO Box 220
Decatur, GA 30031-0220
Phone:(404) 370-4100
Fax:(678) 553-6518
Population (official): 19,555
Population (estimate): 20,086
RC: Atlanta Regional
GMA District: 3
County: DEKALB
Congressional District: 4, 5
State Senate District: 42
State House District: 82, 84, 83, 85

Elected Officials

Jim Baskett
Fred Boykin
Mayor Pro Tem
Kecia Cunningham
Scott Drake
Patricia Garrett

Other Officials*

City Manager
Peggy Merriss
Asst. City Mgr., Admin. Svces
Andrea Arnold
City Attorney
Bryan Downs
City Clerk
Janet Kindelberger
Information Technology Contact
Andrea Arnold
Finance Officer
Peggy Merriss
Sanitation Supt.
Sean Woodson
Public Works Director
David Junger
Municipal Court Judge
Edward Carriere
Municipal Court Clerk
Faye Brantley
Community Development
Lyn Menne
Police Chief
J. Michael Booker
City Planner
Amanda Thompson
Code Enforcement
Cynthia Hardnett
City Engineer
John Madajewski
Fire Chief
Toni Washington
Parks & Recreation Director
Greg White
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.