City of Dawson

PO Box 190
Dawson, GA 39842-0190
Phone:(229) 995-4444
Fax:(229) 995-3713
Population (official): 4,540
Population (estimate): 4,396
RC: Southwest Georgia
GMA District: 10
Congressional District: 2
State Senate District: 12
State House District: 151

Elected Officials

Christopher Wright
Council Member
Mariques Benton
Council Member
Artie Gardner
Council Member
John Harris
Council Member
Iri Pittman
Council Member
Calvin Stephens
Council Member
George Wilson

Other Officials*

City Manager
Owen Parnacott
City Attorney
Tommy Coleman
City Clerk
Sheri Howard
Utilities Supt.
Owen Parnacott
Gas Supt.
Ernest Asberry
Wastewater Supt.
Jon Bergozza
Public Safety Director
Charlie Whitehead
Municipal Court Judge
Willie Weaver
Municipal Court Clerk
Linda Mayo
Water Supt.
Ernest Asberry
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.