City of Covington

PO Box 1527
Covington, GA 30015-1527
Phone:(770) 385-2000
Fax:(770) 385-2060
Population (official): 13,118
Population (estimate): 13,452
RC: Northeast Georgia
GMA District: 5
County: NEWTON
Congressional District: 4, 10
State Senate District: 17, 43
State House District: 112, 113

Elected Officials

Ronnie Johnston
Council Member
Keith Dalton
Council Member
Ocie Franklin
Council Member
Janet Goodman
Council Member
Chris Smith
Council Member
W. Michael Whatley
Council Member
Hawnethia Williams

Other Officials*

City Manager
Leigh Anne Knight
Asst. City Manager
Billy Bouchillon
City Attorney
Ed Crudup
City Clerk
Audra Gutierrez
Police Chief
Stacey Cotton
City Engineer
Tres Thomas
Wastewater Supt.
David Croom
Gas Supt.
Steve Coady
Personnel Director
Ronnie Cowan
Public Works Director
Billy Bouchillon
Sanitation Supt.
Charles Hamlin
Information Technology Contact
Bobby Johnson
Municipal Court Clerk
Stephanie Finnie
Code Enforcement
Jim Berry
Water Supt.
Tim Thompson
Public Safety Director
Stacey Cotton
City Planner
Scott Gaither
Zoning Administrator
Scott Gaither
Purchasing Agent
Scott Cromer
Finance Officer
Randy Smith
Electrical Supt.
Tim Morris
Parks & Recreation Director
Dwayne Mask
Municipal Court Judge
Ben Hendricks
Fire Chief
David Gunter
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.