City of Broxton

PO Box 755
Broxton, GA 31519-0755
Phone:(912) 359-2060
Fax:(912) 359-2205
Population (official): 1,189
Population (estimate): 1,188
RC: Southern Georgia
GMA District: 11
County: COFFEE
Congressional District: 12
State Senate District: 7
State House District: 155, 169

Elected Officials

Darquitta Riley
Council Member
Amy Cato
Council Member
Ronnie Graham
Council Member
Willie Jenkins
Council Member
Amy Kell
Council Member
George Wilkerson

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Jerome Adams
City Clerk
Margaret Hampton
Fire Chief
Frank Veazey
Municipal Court Clerk
Danny Burkhalter
Wastewater Supt.
John Hallisey
Water Supt.
John Hallisey
Police Chief
Isacc Garcia
Municipal Court Judge
Michael Gowan
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.